For every assignment, we have the

onsite technician

with the best combination of technical and communication skills, for you, and your customer.

Our Technicians

  • Smart Hands
  • Field Engineers
  • Datacenter Specialists
  • Deskside Support

Smart Hands

Sometimes all that is needed is someone who is smart enough to know and understand what they are doing, to go to site.

Techs who are great at assisting personnel already onsite, guided by remote engineers, or by straightforward procedures and instructions.

We have the right smart hands for you. Let us know what you’re looking for.

Field Engineers

We provide one of our qualified Field Engineers to perform any work onsite, whether this is a retail location, datacenter or office. Trained and experienced to install any type of equipment according to your specifications.

Installations, replacements or removal of any network connected device in any location. Whether to install or replace IT related equipment such as digital signage, smart monitors, POS (Point of Sales), modems, routers, switches or anything else.

Deskside Support

We have techs who are specifically chosen for their ability to provide deskside support to users and their equipment.

Techs with the right combination of social and technical skills to not only solve a problem, but also assist the user. When you require these type of services, you know how important this is.

We can provide Level 1 and Level 2 deskside support and backfill. Fulltime, parttime or sometime.


Datacenter Specialists

For straightforward Rack and Stack work, cable dressing, to help your remote support team troubleshoot and analyse problems or to replace faulty parts in a production environment requires a special breed of tech: a datacenter specialist.

We have highly experienced datacenter specialists with the right skillset for work in datacenters.


We train our technicians ourselves by taking them on the job, supervising them, guiding them, providing feedback allowing them to learn quickly and efficiently so they in turn can teach others.


Our technicians are employed by us directly. Very simple. We always search for the techs with the right attitude, skillset and work ethics and employ them ourselves. No subcontracting.


Our techs speak at least two languages: Dutch and English. In addition, on a technical, social and ethical level, they speak your language as well.

Background checks

All our techs have passed background check allowed under Dutch law (VOG) and in most cases also more extensive or additional checks for certain clients or industrial sectors.

Health & Safety

As Health and Safety regulations become more and more stringent, all our techs are in the possession of Health and Safety certificates (VCA-VOL) far surpassing the requirements for our assignments.


Unlike other companies; our onsite technicians can go across the globe for you. This saves you valuable time looking for the same quality of technicians in another country and retraining.

Onsite Technicians in the Netherlands. And abroad.