Specialist in providing

Onsite Technicians

Anytime. Anywhere. In the Netherlands and abroad. Scheduled and 24×7.   Contact us now!

Why Us?

  • When you need onsite technicians in the Netherlands
  • When you can’t afford mistakes or second guessing
  • When you need onsite technicians quickly, 24/7 or ad-hoc
  • When you need experienced, reliable onsite technicians
  • We only use our own technicians (no subcontractors!)
  • We are specialist in providing Onsite Technicians


We have the best onsite technicians with an excellent combination of technical and communication skills.

Chosen for their personal skillset, attitude and work ethics and best of all: trained on the job by ourselves.

All our techs are background checked (VOG), possess Health and Safety Certificates (VCA-VOL) and speak at least 2 languages (Dutch and English).


Whether during office hours, at night or on the weekend; our services are available anytime (24 x 7).

We understand the importance of being there when you or your customer needs us.

Let us know what type of response times you’re looking for and we’ll provide a suiteable option.


Our techs will go anywhere, whether across the street or across the globe.

Save valuable time by sending our techs instead of searching for companies and onsite technicians in other countries; not knowing who you’re going to get.

Prevent miscommunications and expensive mistakes by having us go abroad for you. We’ve been to many different countries across the globe for our customers.

Service Area

Located near the Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, we are in a perfect location to reach any datacenter, retail location or office in the area in a timely manner.

Our customers like our services and techs so much, they request them across the globe (Asia, EMEA, North and Middle America). Where can we assist you today?


Regardless of the industry your business is in, we can provide IT support services to your customers.

Some of the sectors we work in are: retail, banking, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, defense, financeutility and (IT) service industries.

24 x 7 x 4

When critical equipment fails, no matter whether it’s day or night, on a weekend or during the week, it must be fixed.

We offer different SLA’s to fit the particular requirements of you and your customer. 24 x 7 x 4 if needed.


Flexibility is key to our services. Your customer may change their requirements at a moment’s notice because of factors outside your control.

We have flexible cancellation fees, and we’ll still be here for you and your customer.


We strongly believe in establishing long-term relationships with our vendors and customers alike.

It benefits all those involved as we get to know each other better, become more familiar with expectations and procedures, increasing our efficiency.

This is also one of the reasons we’re asked to go abroad for our customers.


Reliability means many things: doing what you promised, being on time, being consistent, communicating.

Most of all, reliability takes away your worries and gives you peace of mind.

This is also one of the reasons customers keep returning and requesting our services.

Onsite Techs in the Netherlands. Anytime. Anywhere.