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in the Netherlands

flexible, on demand, 24/7, dispatched from the Amsterdam region throughout Europe

Why Us?

While you might use WorkMarket or FieldNation in the United States to contact individual freelancers to do work for your organisation, things work differently in Europe.

Working together with us, as your local IT partner in The Netherlands, will greatly benefit you and your organisation; there’s only one point of contact, familiar with your requirements, to gain access to a pool of qualified and vetted field engineers, on site techs, smart hands and datacenter specialists.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your organisation.


Located near the Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, we are in a perfect location to reach any datacenter, retail location or office in the area in a timely manner.

We also regularly drive to locations in Belgium (such as Brussels and Antwerp), or western parts of Germany (Oberhausen, Aachen Airport etc.).

Where do you want us to go?


Our field engineers, smart hands, on site techs and datacenter specialist are sent to businesses in many different sectors or industries, such as retail, hospitality, defense, finance, healthcare, utility and services.

Where would you need us?


The work we’re being asked to do consists of deskside support, replacement of defective components, parts or equipment, installation of digital signage, access points, installation of background music systems, storage and shipment of spare parts, cabling, moving of equipment and datacenter work. If it’s related to IT, we’ll do it.

What could we do for you?


Flexibility is key to our services. Your requirements may change at a moment’s notice because of factors outside your control. We’ll still be here for you.


When you are in need of an Tech or FE to go on site and contact us, we’ll be answering the phone ourselves. No offshore call center: just us.


When critical equipment fails, no matter whether it’s day or night, on a weekend or during the week, it must be fixed. Contact us and we’ll get it done, 24/7/365.


We strongly believe in establishing long-term relationships with our vendors and customers alike. It benefits all those involved as we get to know each other better, become more familiar with expectations and procedures, increasing our efficiency.


Some of the feedback we get from our customers: reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, flexible, dedicated and great communications. When sending a tech on-site, those are some of the qualifications you’re looking for. See for yourself and contact us now.


Besides building long-term relations, we also believe it’s beneficial for all involved to work together, as partners, to service the customer. We’re always happy when the end customer specifically requests techs from our company.


The Netherlands, and the other countries in Europe, are vastly different when it comes to culture, customs and technical specifications. Each country has their own perculiarities. We grew up here and are familiar with them. Let us take care of your business in Europe.


We are locals, we know our way around and dispatch all our techs from our office near the Amsterdam-Schiphol area, close to your customers’ locations such as their office, datacenter or retail location and can be on-site¬†quickly.


Techs with the right attitude who are dedicated and focused on achieving the desired end result, not just putting in an effort. They speak your language and understand what’s expected of them. All our techs are employed by us.

Your IT Support Services Partner In The Netherlands