Being of service to others is what brings

true happiness.

Our techs love their work and it shows.

IT Techs

The right type of Tech for each job


On-Site techs

We just got the right techs for simple, straightforward installations and replacement of defective parts at retail locations and offices all over the Netherlands, requiring little or no IT skills.

People with the right attitude, social and communicative skills who will keep you up-to-date. When you’re looking for cost effective local IT support services in the Netherlands, look no further.

smart hands

Techs with several years of practical IT experience, who can actively assist your remote engineers, as their local extension.

Not all support can be provided remotely nor is it always clear what the cause of a problem is. That’s when you need one of our smart hands to go on site for you.


field engineers

Our Field Engineers are experienced IT professionals, with at least 5 years of practical IT experience, capable of taking a lead role on site for projects, installations and when troubleshooting problems at one of your sites.

datacenter specialists

Datacenter specialists who have experience unpacking, racking, and stacking of datacenter equipment, re-wiring and labeling of cabling, patchpanels, routers, switches and servers. Professionals who are neat, precise and meticulous.

Your IT Services Partner In The Netherlands