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in the Netherlands

contact us at +31 (0)23 534 0168, option 2 (sales).

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Local Time New York, USA

  • Support: – +31 (0)23 534 0168, option 1 (office hours CET)
  • Sales: +31 (0)23 534 0168, option 2 (office hours CET)
  • Dispatch: 24/7 dispatch phonenumber provided to you
  • Finance: +31 (0)23 534 0168, option 8 (office hours CET, parttime)

Local Time Amsterdam, NL


The Support phonenumber and email is to be used by our small business customers located in the Netherlands.

This phonenumber and email address is monitored during office hours CET only. Requests for support will be processed in the order that they come in and usually within 4 business hours. During peak hours and holidays response may take longer.

In case of an emergency and after regular office hours, use the phonenumber that has been provided to you for this purpose.


Sales email and phone is monitored and answered during office hours only.

If you are already a customer and need an onsite tech, please contact us through our 24/7 dispatch phonenumber or contact Mark Nuis directly.

Dispatch 24/7

To request an onsite tech, field engineers, datacenter specialists or smart hands, please call our 24/7 dispatch phonenumber that has been provided to you, or Mark Nuis directly (in case a dispatch is needed within the next few hours).

Please also send us the workorder or sow at the same time.


Our Finance department is available parttime, during office hours CET, and can be reached best by sending an email.

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