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Contact Dispatch if you are an existing customer and need one or more onsite technicians, send an email to We will respond immediately during regular office hours CET.

If you have a request for a dispatch during off hours or within 48hrs, please also call us at our 24×7 phonenumber you received from us.

Or use the contact form below.


Contact Sales if we haven’t done business together, or if you we have, but you have a new customer, or a special project for one of our onsite technicians, then please send an email to

You may also contact us by phone at +31 (0)23 534 0168 during regular office hours CET.

Or use the contact page or the contact form below.


If you have any questions for our Finance or HR department please send an email to or

You may also use the contact form below or our contact page.

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    2031 BH Haarlem
    The Netherlands